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We work with individuals, small groups, and businesses.

The end of all knowledge should be service to others.
— cesar chavez

At English Advantage, we use proven methodology and innovative techniques to help individuals achieve success.  Students take an active role in developing  and improving their language skills.  We engage them in a variety of activities, such as role playing, guided and open conversation, language games, situational exercises, and more. Based on the learner's progress,course content is supplemented or modified as needed. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all learning.  Instead, we teach to the proficiency level, purpose, pace, needs, and goals of every client. We take great pride in our hands-on approach: At English Advantage, our clients benefit not only from learning but also from doing.



In our one-on-one, or private lessons, we provide customized, high quality instruction to address our clients' needs, interests, and goals. The primary advantage of this type of study is that the learner gets all of the teacher's attention. We target the exact skills the individual needs help with. In order to create a productive and enjoyable learning experience, we carefully select engaging study materials.We help individuals sharpen their skills and gain confidence by fine-tuning the content of each lesson for the best possible outcome.

 Our individual classes offer the most flexibility. Clients choose what they want to learn and how long they want their lessons to last. Together with their teachers, they choose a meeting time, day, and place. Lessons can be given at home, at work, online via Skype, Zoom, or another platform; or at English Advantage.






Contact us now for individual, semiprivate, small group, online, or onsite business training.  







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    Small groups

We offer semi-private (one instructor and two students) and small group classes (three to eight students).  We focus on the groups' goals, interests, and proficiency levels.Our group classes  are small, between three and eight students, so students get lots of attention and practice. Clients can join ongoing conversation classes at any time.  Other group classes, such as accent reduction and presentation skills, follow a ten-week schedule and have a structured curriculum.

We also set up group classes at your convenience for any area of course content or for any English skills you need to improve when at least three people plan to study together.  Group classes are offered at English Advantage or at your workplace.       





                What our clients say

"I took the accent reduction course with the director of English Advantage.  I knew about her through the class that our child attended.  We had a good  impression of  their approach and had good feedback from our child.  As I was looking for a  trusted and value-for-money institute, it was the  obvious choice for my accent reduction needs.  My teacher, Susan, was knowledgeable, sincere, and most importantly, very patient.  I had a few challenges with    sentence intonation and vowel sounds, and she worked   with me tirelessly to get over them. The course material was rich and  well-structured.  When necessary, she provided supplementary material to aid my learning journey.  I can now recognize the difference between British and American accents.  Whether in the workplace or in general, I am no longer hesitant to speak because I know how to pronounce English. Thank you!"

"The size of the class enables individual attention from the instructor." 

"The instructor is friendly, professional, and willing to help students."

“This class helps me to understand conversation in real life….   It really helps me to understand in daily meetings and  teleconferences.”



We work closely with training staff and managers to provide employees with skills that enhance their work performance. We offer:

  • Onsite custom-tailored programs

  • Pre-assessment of employee levels and needs

  • Curriculum based on evaluation findings and company goals

  • Experienced and trained English experts to deliver the program

  • Close communication between English Advantage and training management

We offer a complete program of classes to suit your needs.  If you don't see what you want in the programs listings, we can create a specialized course for you.

At English Advantage, we value your input and incorporate your requests and goals into our course design and delivery.  We are with you from start to finish!

Clients we have worked include employees of:

Young woman holding a folder businessman Stock Photo.jpg
  • Accenture

  • Alcatel

  • AT&T

  • Beauticontrol

  • Capital One

  • Cisco Systems

  • Ericsson

  • Essilor

  • Frito-Lay

  • Fujitsu

  • General Motors

  • Honda

  • JCPenney

  • Neiman Marcus

  • Nokia

  • Overhead Doors

  • Samsung

  • Syntel

  • And many more!


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