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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Accent Reduction

Our Accent Reduction courses are designed for those who want to improve their pronunciation, speak more clearly, and be better understood.

English Advantage distinguishes itself by helping clients recognize and find ways to change their speech habits with specific techniques and practice.  Rather than teach through imitation, which is not helpful by itself because it does not provide the critical feedback learners need to correct their speech, we help clients overcome faulty pronunciation habits by teaching them how to correct their errors.

Our courses include instruction in sentence intonation, word stress, pitch, problem consonant and vowel sounds, rhythm, vowel lengthening and reduction, linking and joining sounds, and pacing.  All clients take a diagnostic test to determine types of pronunciation error, and we provide detailed results to help them chart their progress throughout the course.

Communication Skills

English uses a variety of styles of speaking and writing, depending on the social setting.  What we say in an informal setting is very different from what we say in a formal setting, even though our purpose is the same.  In the Communication Skills class, you will practice the appropriate language for functions such as using the phone, e-mails, accepting and declining invitations, agreeing and disagreeing, negotiation, making requests and recommendations, and many more.  Instructors will engage students in interactive activities that provide practice in real-life situations.

Writing Services

Need editing, proofreading, or other writing services? Our experienced professionals edit your writing for accurate and effective grammar, mechanics, content, organization, and style.  Some of the many types of writing we work with include:

  • Academic essays and research papers

  • College application essays

  • Master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations

  • Business letters, reports, presentations

  • Resumes, letters of inquiry, cover letters

  • Articles, books, and journals

  • Website content

We work to make your writing clear, effective, and error-free.

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Idioms and Conversation

We teach all levels of conversation, from beginning through advanced.  The instructor will present interesting and practical topics for learning vocabulary, idioms, and everyday expressions the way you hear them in conversation, not the way you studied English in traditional textbooks.  Our classes give each individual the chance to participate in discussions and get plenty of speaking practice.

Listening Comprehension

 We teach you to understand spoken English at all levels, from beginning to advanced.  We will give you strategies for improving your listening comprehension in everyday conversation, on the phone, radio, or TV, at the movies, at work, in meetings--everywhere you hear English!  

Written and spoken English are like two different languages--we give you practical listening techniques to help you better understand American speakers, along with the vocabulary and idioms relating to the listening topic.

Language Arts

We offer private, semiprivate, and group classes for ESL and native English speakers, grades K-12 and adults, in the following areas:

  • English grammar, writing, reading, and vocabulary

  • Homework help



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Grammar and Writing

Whether you want to learn spoken or written grammar or improve your writing for everyday, academic, or business purposes, English Advantage can help. We will teach you to write clearly, using accurate grammar and mechanics, engaging content, effective organization, and appropriate style. We provide instructive feedback on all written work. 


Presentation Skills

In our Presentation Skills course, you will learn strategies to connect with and deliver engaging content to your audience.   By practicing effective body language, voice modulation, pacing, and other speaking techniques, you will become a more confident speaker.  We help you make the best use of graphic aids and organize your ideas to promote your message.  We even give you techniques for responding to difficult questions from your audience. Throughout the process, your instructor will be giving you detailed feedback about all aspects of your presentation.

Business Training

Looking for an onsite training class for your employees? Or perhaps you are an individual who wants to improve your work skills. Choose from any of our offerings or contact us for a custom-made course. Click here for more information.

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Test Prep: Verbal





  • SPEAK test (Test of Spoken English)

  • ACT

  • GRE

  • GMAT

  • ISEE

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